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Oncology, Gastroenterology and Hepatology Reports,2016,5,2,48.
Published:June 2016
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Mueen Ahmed KK

Phcog.Net Editorial Office Phcog.Net | SciBiolMed.Org #17, II Floor, Buddha Vihar Road Cox Town, Bangalore 560 005, INDIA


The year 2016 is an important milestone for Oncology, Gasteroenterology and Hepatology (www.oghreports.org) as it is entering 5th year. It is known as one of the peer-reviewed journal in the field of Oncology, Gasteroenterology and Hepatology and I am pleased to present you this issue being published by EManuscript. The new issue content for volume 5 is available “http://www.oghreports.org” and archives are also available in the same link. OGH Reports is now built with the responsive website the site can be easily browsed on mobile devices, tablets, and desktop screens.


OGH Reports

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