Whats New (Jan–June 2012)

Oncology, Gastroenterology and Hepatology Reports,2012,1,1,67-68.
Published:July 2012
Author(s) affiliations:

Subhankar Chakraborty, M.D., Ph.D.,

Department of Internal Medicine University of Nebraska Medical Center Omaha. NE. USA.



Elevated blood pressure linked to increased risk of cancer

Scientists from Sweden, Austria, Norway, Germany and London using data present in the Metabolic Syndrome and Cancer Project database- a repository of information collected as part of health examinations between 1972–2005, have found that elevated mid-blood pressure [(systolic BP+ diastolic BP)/2] was associated with a significantly higher overall risk of cancer in men (hazard ratio [HR] 1.07 per 10 mm Hg increase in mid-blood pressure, 95% CI 1.04–1.09) but not in women. Nearly 578,000 individuals were included in this cohort with the number of men and women roughly equal (50.1% men and 49.9% women). Read more . . .